Send Fax Online

Enter your payment information to send an online fax. You will be charged a flat fee of 7.00 when the online fax is sent successfully.

How to send fax online
  1. Enter payment information
  2. Enter the fax number
  3. Upload a file to fax (PDF, doc, txt)
  4. Sit back and wait a minute
  5. Success! Payment method charged
  6. Receive a notification
Online fax tips
  • Double check the fax number
  • Make sure your file has all pages
  • Signup for email notifications
  • Patience :) Faxes aren't instant
  • Need help sending a fax?

Happy Fax Online Customers

cdh is a happy fax online customer
Mike says thanks for quick support sending his fax online
Scott says thanks for helping him send a one time fax
  • One Time Fax
  • Privacy Focused
  • No Monthly Fee
  • $7.00 per fax