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Fax Online is a privacy focused one time fax service that charges a flat fee. It is built by a small independent team from It's Fine, LLC based in Iowa, USA.

Fax Online Features

  • Privacy focused faxing - auto delete files, encrypt data
  • One time fax - no need for a subscription
  • Flat rate - don't pay per page. Pay per document faxed

Check out another product called Cloud Number if you are looking for a virtual private phone number.

FaxOnline.app was built for those of you that just need to send a one time fax every year or so - and generally prefer privacy and simplicity.

Our Happy Customers

cdh is a happy fax online customer
Mike says thanks for quick support sending his fax online
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  • One Time Fax
  • Privacy Focused
  • No Monthly Fee
  • $7.00 per fax