About online fax service FaxOnline.app

The secure, privacy-focused online faxing service

It's not every day a developer sets out to build a privacy focused online faxing service, but here we are.

Built by independent software tinkerers @abrudtkuhl and @cbackescom as a way to launch an application building on a few of our favorite platforms and the need to send a fax every once in a while without forking over info to a shady 1990's website or signing up for a fax subscription service. We are sorry if you have to send enough faxes to warrant a subscription service and I'm sure the service is great. But FaxOnline.app was built for those of you that just need to senda fax once or twice a year - and generally prefer privacy and security. The market is small but mighty!

  • Secure Online Fax
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • $5.00 per fax