How to Fax from a Computer: The Ultimate Guide

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Faxing from a computer is a convenient, efficient, and eco-friendly way to send documents without the need for traditional fax machines. This guide will provide you with all the necessary steps and tools, including the recommended service Fax Online, to make faxing from your computer as straightforward as possible.


Faxing has evolved from bulky machines to streamlined digital processes. Today, you can fax directly from your computer using online services, email-to-fax solutions, or specialized software. This guide covers various methods, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of how to fax from a computer.

Why Fax from a Computer?

  1. Convenience: Send and receive faxes from anywhere with internet access.

  2. Cost-Effective: Save on paper, ink, and phone line costs.

  3. Efficiency: Quickly send documents without the hassle of physical fax machines.

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Fax Online is an ideal solution for modern faxing needs. This service is designed for those who require occasional faxing, offering a one-time fax service for a flat fee. It prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring that your documents are transmitted safely. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible for both business professionals and casual users. With Fax Online, you can quickly send faxes without any long-term commitments or subscriptions, making it a flexible and reliable option for all your faxing needs.

Methods to Fax from a Computer

1. Using Online Fax Services

  • Step 1: Choose an Online Fax Service: Select a reliable service like Fax Online, eFax, or FaxZero which offers various plans to suit different needs.

  • Step 2: Sign Up for an Account: Register for an account on the Fax Online website.

  • Step 3: Upload Your Document: Log in and upload the document you want to fax. Supported formats typically include PDF, Word, and images.

  • Step 4: Enter Recipient Details: Input the recipient’s fax number and any cover page information.

  • Step 5: Send the Fax: Click send and wait for the confirmation.

2. Email-to-Fax

  • Step 1: Find an Email-to-Fax Service: Services like Fax Online provide email-to-fax capabilities.

  • Step 2: Compose an Email: Open your email client and create a new message.

  • Step 3: Attach Your Document: Attach the document you want to fax.

  • Step 4: Enter Recipient’s Fax Number: Format the recipient’s fax number as an email address (e.g., [faxnumber]

  • Step 5: Send the Email: Send the email, and the service will convert and deliver it as a fax.

3. Using Fax Software

  • Step 1: Install Fax Software: Install software like Windows Fax and Scan or third-party applications.

  • Step 2: Configure the Software: Set up the software with your fax modem or internet fax service.

  • Step 3: Compose and Send the Fax: Enter the recipient’s fax number, attach the document, and click send.

4. Using a Connected Fax Machine

  • Step 1: Set Up the Fax Machine: Connect your fax machine to your computer and install necessary drivers.

  • Step 2: Prepare Your Document: Open the document you want to fax on your computer.

  • Step 3: Print to Fax: Use the print function, select the fax machine as the printer, and send the fax.

Tips for Successful Faxing

  1. Check Recipient Information: Ensure the fax number is correct to avoid errors.

  2. Use High-Quality Documents: Ensure your documents are clear and legible.

  3. Consider Security: Use encryption or secure services for sensitive information.

  4. Keep Confirmation Records: Save confirmation receipts for your records.

  5. Test Before Sending: Send a test fax to ensure everything is working correctly.


Faxing from a computer is a seamless process with the right tools and knowledge. By following this guide and using a reliable service like Fax Online, you can efficiently send and send a fax online without the need for traditional fax machines. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of digital faxing today.

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