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How It Works

Send a secure one time fax online for a flat fee. It only takes a couple minutes to plug in the fax number, upload your file, and send your fax.

We don't collect any personal information. We don't save your payment info and we delete your files right after we send your fax.

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Send a fax online

One Time Fax

It's a $7 flat fee to send a one time fax. No monthly fees. No subscription required. No need to pay per page. No watermarks. No advertisements. No branding. No shady free faxing sites.

Privacy Focused

We don't collect or sell any personal information. We don't save your payment info. We delete your files right after we send your fax. Learn how we send secure faxes.

Amazing Support

Talk to real people at hi [at] or check out our great content on how to send an online fax.

Mobile Faxing

Yes, you can fax from your iPhone (or android). Why would you want to? We don't know but sometimes you just need to send a one time fax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other online fax services?

Most online fax services are either free or charge you monthly. We are the online fax service for people that just need to send one a year. Would you trust a free online fax service with your important documents?

Is it secure?

Yes our website runs over SSL. Fax Online encrypts uploads and automatically deletes your file when the fax is sent.

Can I use this for business?

Absolutely. We designed this with security in mind and ease of use. If you need an invoice for your records, we'd be happy to send you one.

What kind of files can I send?

We support multiple file types but generally a single PDF file with all the pages you want to send a fax with combined.

  • One Time Fax
  • Privacy Focused
  • No Monthly Fee
  • $7.00 per fax