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Send a one time fax quickly and easily for a flat fee with our secure online faxing service. No subscription or monthly fee required for our online fax service.

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Our one time fax service allows you to send a quick fax for a flat rate. No need to sign up for a complicated, monthly online fax service when you just need to send one fax a year. We designed our one time fax service to be affordable, convenient, and private.
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One Time Fax Features

  • Flat rate pricing
  • Unlimited Pages
  • No advertisements
  • No branded cover sheets
  • Automatic File Deletion
  • No personal information required
  • Pay with a credit card

Choosing The Right One Time Fax Service

Sometimes faxing is unavoidable. The perception that its a relic of the past but in reality faxing remains a popular communications tool and is relied upon by businesses of all sizes across many industries. Organizations sometimes fax because their customers or suppliers are still requiring it. For them, faxing is a trusted form of exchange.

While some companies need sophisticated fax services or have in-house fax machines, many people don't have machines anymore and often never send a fax at all. But once in a while, you need to send one - and using an online fax service for one-time use is handy.

Using A One Time Fax Service

Using a one-time online fax service is pretty easy. You use a browser to access the online fax service and usually, you just need a PDF file that you want to send and a destination fax number to send it to. Some one-time fax services charge you per page. Some of them will charge you per fax sent. Some will combine both!

The advantage of using a one-time fax service is that you don't have to sign up for a subscription to an online fax service only to use it once and have to remember to cancel it so you don't get charged again. A one-time service will just let you send single faxes at an affordable rate.

Best One Time Fax Services in 2022


$0.25/per page - minimum $1.99


$5 per fax


$1.99 per fax

If you are looking for a quick and secure way to send a one time fax, check out our online fax service. For $5, you will be done in under 5-minutes. Send an online fax now.


FaxFresh is an online fax service that allows you to send single faxes for $1.99 but adds $0.25 for every extra page after the initial 8 pages. So sending a 10 page online fax would cost $2.50. You can easily send a fax online through your web browser or you can download their Mac desktop app.


FaxZero allows you to send a free online fax with a maximum of 3 pages that includes their branding on the cover page. Their "Almost Free Fax" service costs $1.99 with a maximum of 25 pages and removes their branding. FaxZero is able to offer free online faxing by advertising on their website.

Read about our alternative to FaxZero.

Fax Online

FaxOnline is a new online one-time fax service that is focused on simplicity, privacy, and security. No user information is stored, there are no ad tracking pixels intended to follow you on the internet, and files are deleted instantly when a fax is sent. For a flat fee of $5, you can send a one time fax - no need to count pages.

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  • Secure Online Fax
  • One Time Fax
  • No Monthly Fee
  • $5.00 per fax