Fax Online Features

Fax Online helps you send a secure one time fax for a flat fee. This online fax service provides a secure file upload and auto deletion of files.

Fax Online Features

Send A One Time Fax

No need to sign up for a monthly plan to send one fax a year. Send a one time fax online in under 5 minutes for a flat fee.

Privacy Focused

You don't need to give your name, email and address to send a secure fax online. No user data is collected or shared. And we delete your files after your fax is sent.


Fax Online allows you to send a secure fax online. The application runs on SSL, encrypts data, and automatically deletes securely uploaded files.

Flat Fee

No need to sign up for a monthly fee or worry about the number of pages in your document. Send any online fax for a flat $7 fee.

Simple To Use

All you need is a PDF file, a credit card, and a fax number you to send the fax to. In under five minutes, you can cross sending a fax off your list.

Mobile Friendly

Use your device to upload a file and send a fax online. No app required to send a fax from iPhone. Learn how to fax from an iPhone.

Happy Fax Online Customers

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  • One Time Fax
  • Privacy Focused
  • No Monthly Fee
  • $7.00 per fax