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Enter your payment information and upload your PDF file and we will send the fax instantly. We never collect or store any user or online fax information.

🤔 How It Works

  • Enter Payment Information
  • Upload a file to fax (PDF, doc, txt)
  • Enter the fax number
  • Sit back and wait a minute
  • Charged $5 upon successful fax

🤩 Features

  • Flat $5 Fee On Successful Fax
  • Secure File Upload
  • Automatic File Deletion
  • No Subscription Required

🛡 Privacy

  • No Email Required
  • No Customer Data Saved
  • No Account Setup
  • No Tracking Codes
  • Secure Online Fax
  • One Time Fax
  • No Monthly Fee
  • $5.00 per fax